Friday, May 6, 2016

**TOMORROW** - Blackbird Dance - Oiseau Noir Dance Workshop Date Changes

**TOMORROW** - Blackbird Dance - Oiseau Noir Dance Workshop Date Changes Ernesto Mancebo


We are no longer taking spots for the May 14 & 15th session. The only session open is this weekend, May 7th & 8th. Contact us soon and come dance with us!

We're having a workshop! Blackbird dancers Lauren Paxton and Asja Parrish are hosting a 2-week, 4-day workshop. Come learn choreography from Blackbird Dance rep that has been featured around the country and overseas.

Based in New York City, this project-based dance company looks to bring meaningful and relevant dance to today's audience, while enticing you on an emotional journey of what influences you through your daily journeys. We seek to do this through a beautiful language that only a few speak, but one that all understand. 

Each Workshop day will consist of a warm up geared towards building strength within modern dance technique followed by repertory work.  Lauren draws on her work as a professional Pilates Instructor to help you tap into muscular strength while maintaining fluidity in joints.  Asja brings her years of dance training in ballet and modern to offer a blend of techniques that balance groundedness with lightness.

We're capped at 20 dancers, so please email us below with your interest. We'll request that you pay ahead via PayPal to reserve your spot. 

May 7 & 8, 5-7pm @ DANY Studios

May 14 & 15, 5-7pm @ DANY Studios

1 day: $25

2 day deal: $40

The WHOLE workshop (4 days): $80

We're preparing for upcoming performances in New York and Scotland; join us for a night of merriment and help us make our way!

For contact and questions please email:

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