Friday, August 28, 2015



I want to choreograph a ballet piece but have no skills or knowledge. Wherefore I would like to hire someone with said skills and knowledge to collaborate with me. I think my idea is ... fertile? intriguing? ... I am not sure of the adjective. I am looking for someone who thinks about the fundamental questions: what is music? what is art? what is dance? how does dance relate to music exactly? what makes music ABOUT something? That sort of crap. I think it will be fun as hell, but then I seem to find a way to have fun almost no matter what. If it sounds like something you'd like, then write back to me with the right information. See? A little test already. Should I be zany or serious? List a bunch of credentials or just say "I'm your person!" That's for you to figure out. Pictures ARE good, though. I imagine I can tell things just by looking at someone. It's bull, but indulge me. Good luck. 

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