Sunday, August 13, 2017

Erasing Borders Festival of Indian Dance - Workshops

Dancers learning in the workshop

Hosted by
The Studio, Pace University, 140 William Street, NYC
Sunday August 13, 2017.

Experience, learn, participate, enjoy  SATTRIYA from Assam, KALBELIA from Rajasthan, MOHINIYATTAM from Kerala And Contemporary Indian dance
Individual Workshops:  $20; IAAC members $15 
 All day Workshop Pass: $60; IAAC members $55 (includes all workshops) 
 Festival Pass: $75; IAAC members $70 (includes all festival events August 13-15)
Workshops Schedule

10:30 – 10:55 am Registration
11:00 – 12:00 noon  Session # 1: SATTRIYA DANCE from Assam [DIMPLE SAIKIA]
The storytelling art of the monasteries of the northeast of India focused mainly on a love of Krishna – and his love for Radha.
The workshop will give attendees a brief background on Sattriya, a 500 hundred year old living tradition, and its nuances. They will be introduced to ground exercises, which are used to prepare the body of a dancer. They will also be introduced to hastas and basic feet movements. They will end the program by learning a Krishna Vandana.
12:15 pm – 1:15 pm Session # 2: KALBELIA DANCE from Rajasthan 
The lively folk form of desert gypsy tribes associated with snake charming with it’s multiple spins and sinuous backbends-this dance is entertaining, folksy and is sure to break a sweat! 
The Kalbelia dance, performed by women to celebrate joyful moments in the community, is an integral part of Kalbelia culture. Typically the male members provide the musical accompaniment on dholak and khanjari. As the performance progresses, the rhythm gets fasters.These songs and dances are part of an oral tradition which in 2010 was declared a part of the Intangible Heritage List by the UNESCO. Participants should wear a long scarf and long skirts.
1:15 pm – 2:15pm Lunch Break
2:15 pm-3:15 pm Session # 3: MOHINIYATTAM from Kerala [SRUTHI MOHAN]
The soft undulating dance form of the lush southwest coast of India which reflects the swaying of palm fronds in the breeze
After brief intro participants will practice the iconic circular movement of the dance, mudras and abhinaya to choreograph a piece based on a shloka or Malayalam poetry . The session will be relaxed, informative and interactive.
3:30 pm-4:30 pm Session # 4: CONTEMPORARY DANCE [Brinda Guha] Kalamandir Dance Company 
Contemporary dance and dramatic practices that use classical Indian dance to explore new spaces of artistic expression.
Using Contemporary, classical, Flamenco, Modern and Ballet basics, dancers will move and create dialogue with expression, using their creativity and inherent communicative skills.Theatre and dance enthusiasts are welcome to join and practice storytelling and artistic expression through modern movement.

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