January 10 - March 2, 2017

Klein Technique™– for movers of all kinds with Barbara Mahler

Klein Technique™ with Barbara Mahler Daim Lee

Klein Technique™– for movers of all kinds with Barbara Mahler

January 10 - March 2

TUE THU 10am-12pm

Eden's Expressway 



The work in class engages us in a process that facilitates changes in the way we see, use, and relate to our bodies moving in space. We work with the deep connections in the pelvis, freeing the upper body to move with ease and expression. Working on the level of the bone, we find better functionality, creativity, and well-being.


Barbara Mahler is a widely respected choreographer, movement educator, Zero Balancing Faculty and Practitioner, and a recipient of a 2013 BAX Arts Educator Award. She travels extensively in all of these capacities, and is a certified teacher and major contributor in the outreach of Klein Technique™. She holds an MFA from the UW/Milwaukee.

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