July, 17-21, 2017

MELT: Klein Technique ™

Barbara Mahler by Christopher Lucka Photo: Barbara Mahler by Christopher Lucka

MELT: Klein Technique™

with Barbara Mahler

M T W Th F

1-3pm $125

Danspace Project

131 E 10th Street

New York, NY 10003

Klein Technique™ has been in development since the mid 70s and was originally a response to the formal training of dancers during that time. Through its development, over the years, it has grown into a cohesive movement system that connects the body and mind. It is firmly grounded in the principles of change, and possibilities, aimed towards a deeper understanding of one’s self in movement. The class uses and integrates the tools of process, theory and practice. We work on "letting go" – letting go of muscles and habits that hold us back from moving in our own unique way, learning to be more articulate, clear, fuller and richer in our dancing, self-knowing, connected and grounded, and alive. REGISTER HERE!

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