January, 9-13, 2017

MELT: Technique with Vicky Shick

MELT: Technique with Vicky Shick Victoria Sendra

Vicky Shick

January 9-13

M T W Th F

10am-12pm $125

Abrons Art Center, Studio G05

466 Grand St. (at Pitt St.)


MELT: Technique

Class begins with systematically readying our bodies and minds for full-out and detailed dancing. Our goal is to increase our awareness, articulation, physical facility and focus. The warm-up is simple and straightforward with an emphasis on alignment, physical mechanics, and space for sensation and feedback from our bodies as we work collaboratively to arrive at dancing. In doing phrase work, we hone our skills, apply our training and deepen the understanding and intelligence in our bodies. REGISTER HERE! 

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