July, 10-21, 2017

NYC Summer Intensive

NBDC dancers in a transformation during the work SEPIA Paul B Goode

Nadine Bommer Dance Company 
NYC Summer Intensive
Monday-Friday, July 10-21: 10am-3pm daily
For advanced-professional dancers

Join internationally acclaimed Israeli choreographer Nadine Bommer with her NYC based company for the first ever NYC Summer Intensive!

Immerse yourself in a unique dance technique through two weeks of classes in the Nadine Bommer Method. Dancers will have the rare opportunity to work directly with Bommer in classes taught by herself and NYC company members, including the improvisational, character, and classical techniques Kinetica, Animato, and Nevet. NBDC is actively looking for dancers, and students who excel in the method throughout the full 2 weeks will be invited to continue working with the company.

Sample daily schedule:
10am-11:30am – Nevet, classical technique
11:45am-1:15pm – Kinetica, improvisational technique
1:30pm-3pm – Animato, character technique

Class Descriptions:
The Nadine Bommer Method is an energy-based technique offering dancers a step-by-step process to create a uniquely personal movement language. In addition to the personal movement language, the technique can be applied to classical forms and character work to improve the dancer’s performative range.

The first aspect of the Nadine Bommer Method, Kinetica, is inspired by the sea, and uses kinetic energy and internal listening to uncover the expressive capabilities of the body. The process pairs the freedom of postmodernism and rigor of ballet for full control of fluid, malleable and expansive movement. Class begins with a continuously moving, improvisational warm-up, and moves on to exercises designed to let go of self-judgment and physical expectations in order to unlock each individual’s creative potential.

Using the physical liquidity developed in Kinetica, Animato, the second aspect of the Nadine Bommer Method, engages the body in character work. This allows each artist to develop a new, but equally expressive, physicality based in the personal belief of their full transformation to a new being. Class begins with improvisational work developing a specific character from company repertory. Once the character has been integrated into the dancers physicality, they will learn movement sections from the repertory, working within their character’s specific story.

Approaching classical technique with the Nadine Bommer Method, Nevet brings an inward attention to the structure of ballet. Dancers will use energetic listening and imagery to explore deeper range of motion inherent in their own bodies. Exercises use spirals and specific resistance between body parts to find balance within ballet exercises. Naturally spiraling kinetic energy allows dancers to build classical forms within their own bodies while maintaining the proper visual form.

Full 2 weeks: $1,000
Early bird: $900 by June 15th

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