Friday, May 19, 2017

Nia & Ness Fundraiser/1st Birthday

our official flyer! Marion Aguas/Nia Shand

Nia & Ness are a black, lesbian, dancer-poet performance art duo based in Brooklyn, NY. The duo met in 2013 and founded their company in 2016. They have performed at multiple venues in New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania; sharing their work that aims at a deeper understanding of their co-reality through intense investigation of their individual identities. They have also been highlighted in local newspapers; recognized  by the Brooklyn-based art group, THE CREATORS COLLECTIVE, as one of their top 5 artists of 2016, been featured in a 2017 BRIC TV segment; and has recently received the BAX Summer 2017 Space Grant.

There are so many exciting things happening for Nia & Ness this summer: finalist performances at the 2017 National Women’s Music Festival in Wisconsin, our first evening length show, ‘run.’ … And that’s just what we know so far!

To help us cover the costs of travel, accommodation, production and to celebrate 1 year of Nia & Ness, the company, we’re happy to announce our first ever fundraiser on May 19! Doors open at 8:30 p.m. and close at 11 p.m.

For our fundraiser, we are having live performances in song, dance and spoken word by some incredible artists who create work in the themes of love, intimacy, and strength. The incredible artists that will be performing are:

Dani Criss- Dance

Oneika Jewelle- Music

Tom Cat- Poetry

Luna and I- Poetry and Dance

Geneviève Beaudoin- Music

Dorothy Nunez- Dance

Mama Shand - Poetry/Griot

Shauna Sorensen- Dance

sweetooth- Music

Nia & Ness will be performing as well!

We are also lucky to have the amazing visual artist Candice Wood, donate 3 pieces of new work!

Along with the incredible performances, the event will include: baked goods by Mama Shand and a bar where drinks are available for purchase; first dibs on our official Nia & Ness merchandise; the chance to experience the premiere of our ‘run.’ promo video; the live launching of our official website; and the space to begin and close the night out by spreading love and meeting new people.

Online ticket prices:

$10 for entry and performance
$20 for entry, performance and unlimited food

Door ticket prices:

$15 for entry and performance
$25 for entry, performance and unlimited food

This is a mostly CASH ONLY event! So all tickets, food and merchandise at the event can only be bought with cash. You may due a debit/credit card at the bar.

Mark your calendars, and come out to join us for an evening filled with strength, intimacy, and love!

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