April, 21-22, 2017


SOMNIPATH Stephen Delas Heras

Inclined Dance Project presents Somnipath, an evening length dance work exploring the most basic of human needs: sleep. Somnipath takes the audience on a visual journey through the various stages and abnormalities of sleep, utilizing unique lighting methods, an original sound-score, and a collaborative movement vocabulary. Inclined Dance Project has developed a multi-layered landscape inspired by dreams, nightmares, circadian patterns, dyssomnias, shadows, REM cycles, unconsciousness, and awakening.  

Choreography by Kristen Klein
Performed by Inclined Dance Project: 
Amy Campbell, Leighann Curd, Kristen Klein, Shannon McGee, Chie Mukai, and Elisabeth Wolf.

April 21st & 22nd: 8pm

Admission: $20 online / $25 at door

*Warning: this production includes the use of flashing lights. Discretion is advised.

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