Privacy/Data Use and Protection Policy

State of NYC Dance & Dance Industry Census

The purpose of this policy is to articulate Dance/NYC’s protocol for the access, handling and storage of data collected through the Alchemer survey platform for the purposes of the Dance Industry Census research study. These procedures are reviewed periodically and are subject to change at any time.

This privacy and data use protection policy ensures Dance/NYC: 

  • complies with data protection law and follows good practice;
  • is open about how it stores and processes individuals’ data; and 
  • protects itself from the risks of data breach.

As there is no personally identifying information in the survey itself, all responses will remain anonymous. The information shared will be kept confidential to the full extent of the law. Data collected in the study includes:

  • Zip code of residence
  • Income and employment information
  • Household information
  • Organizational structure, budget, funding and income, and staffing and employment information
  • Affiliation in the field
  • Demographic data: ​​year of birth, country of birth, gender identity, sexual identity, disability identity (including delination between disability types), ethnic and/or racial identity, immigrant identity (including generation and immigration status

Why is Dance/NYC collecting this data?

Dance/NYC is collecting your data using the online survey tool Alchemer in order to conduct the Dance Industry Census. Deidentified data will be published in anonymized aggregated form in the State of NYC Dance research report, shared on Dance/NYC’s website, and may be used to inform future research studies and advocacy campaigns. Data will not be used for any other purpose except for which is outlined in this policy and as may be required by law. 

Dance/NYC is committed to safeguarding your privacy online and hereby incorporates its Privacy Policy:  

Data security and compliance certifications for Alchemer: 

Privacy Policy for Alchemer: 

Who, at Dance/NYC, will have access to PII?

It is of the utmost importance to Dance/NYC that your data remains confidential and is only shared with a limited number of individuals who have a direct role in the research study. Thus, collected data will only be shared with select Dance/NYC staff and consultants charged with data collection and analysis (which include Research & Advocacy Manager, Ariel Herrera; Research & Advocacy Coordinator, Sarah Cecilia Bukowski; and Research Consultant, Carrie Blake of Webb Mgmt). No other member of Dance/NYC’s Board of Directors, Staff, Committees, Task Forces, or Review Panel members will have access to survey data. 

How is your PII data stored?

Your data will be safely stored on the Alchemer survey platform. Your data will be downloaded from Alchemer by the Dance/NYC Research team following your completion of the survey. The Dance/NYC Research team, including independent third party Research Consultant Carrie Blake of Webb Mgmt, will then aggregate and analyze the data to generate findings and recommendations for the research report. 

Access to your data

All individuals who are the subject of personal data held by Dance/NYC are entitled to: 

  • Ask what information Dance/NYC holds about them and why.  
  • Ask how to gain access to it. 
  • Be informed how to keep it up-to-date. 
  • Be informed how Dance/NYC is meeting its data protection obligations. 
  • Request removal.

A subject access request may be made in writing by contacting the Research team at

In the event of a security breach, an internal investigation will commence and a diagnostic plan will be developed at once. A communications plan has been established within Dance/NYC that includes immediate notification from Dance/NYC staff to the Legal Committee of Dance/NYC’s Board of Directors. An investigation to determine the nature of the breach will immediately commence. The Legal Committee shall determine what, if any, actions Dance/NYC is required to take to comply with applicable law, including whether any notification is required under New York law. The Legal Committee shall work with others as appropriate to ensure that any notifications and other legally required responses are made in a timely manner.

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