COVID-19 NYC Relief Fund Coalition

COVID-19 NYC Relief Fund Coalition - NYC (CRC-NYC) is a collective of institutions and grassroots organizers/individuals who are administering emergency funding to support NYC based artists in response to the Covid-19 pandemic. The cohort is made up of five groups: Dance/NYC, The Dance Union, The Indie Theater Fund, The NYC Low-Income Artist + Freelancer Fund, and New York Foundation for the Arts. The groups came together to learn from one another, share resources, and be in conversation around the ethics of relief funding. The CRC-NYC shares a value system of centering those who are most severely affected by the economic shut down and who may struggle to secure financial resources, specifically: low-income, Black, Indigenous, People of Color, disabled, trans, Gender-nonconforming/Non-binary, queer, undocumented, and/or immigrant arts workers and freelancers. Each group has different requirements and stipulations for funding and spans multiple artistic disciplines including but not limited to: dance, visual arts, theatre, media, etc..

Through the sharing of information and resources, the CRC-NYC hopes to collectively help as wide a net of people as possible for as long as possible. All of the funds aim to support artists as resources become available throughout this pandemic. We recognize the need artists and their communities are facing will exist long after social restriction measures are lifted. If possible, consider donating to one or all of the funds. For more information about each coalition member, please visit their pages directly:

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