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Mission Statement

Dance Caribbean COLLECTIVE, is an organization of dancers, choreographers and educators driven to facilitate Contemporary Caribbean Dance Performance, preserve Cultural Legacy and promote Community Engagement through Caribbean dance and culture.

Program Statement

Dance Caribbean COLLECTIVE was founded by Candace Thompson in 2015 to create a platform for Caribbean dancers, choreographers, educators and scholars to communicate, collaborate on projects and events, and make an impact on their community.


  • Present dance work that can connect to the Caribbean-American population through workshops, lec-dems and education programs.
  • Cultivate Caribbean audiences for dance and facilitate appreciation of contemporary dance and performance by Caribbean artists.
  • Produce and present Caribbean Content that reflects new narratives in the wider diaspora.
  • Be a representative body and an information hub for Caribbean Diasporic Dance in the NYC Area.
  • Educate youth in Caribbean art forms and train the next generation of cultural organizers for Caribbean culture
  • Provide a space to discuss and collectively find solutions to issues facing our communities.

The collective is now embarking on its 4th season (2018) and comprises several projects including the Diaspora Dance Series: a series of dance workshops in various Caribbean Dance forms open to the public, the DCC Youth Performing Arts Company to educate Diaspora youth about African and Caribbean Diasporic culture, A Caribbean Dance Film night held at Brooklyn Studios for Dance (BKSD) in collaboration with Caribbean Film Academy, and the Artist Development program designed to support the New Traditions Festival choreographers through mentorship, residency time and presentation opportunities.

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