Sunday, February 21, 2021

Unusual Performance Opportunity


I am in the process of developing a performance project that is layered in time, location and participants. It is performance art in a series of performance events.

I have received grants to choreograph, performed in Merce Cunningham’s repertory workshops and with ballet companies.

I’m looking for dancers who have at least two of the following attributes: strong ballet technique, Cunningham technique, students of or have an interest in somatic practices. Rehearsals will conclude with a video performance and/or, depending on the pandemic and other factors, in-person performance.

My choreography is challenging in that it includes slow, sustained movements. My dance-making methods include set material, chance operations, guided visualization improvisation and co-creation with the dancers. We will rehearse remotely from my studio to your space.

My work reflects the notion that the movement speaks for itself and doesn’t require a story or emotion. The meaning of my choreography is kinesthetically experienced through the language of movement. The meaning evolves continuously through repetition in rehearsals and performance and by complete immersion in the movement. Because I choreograph in silence and the dance is independent of the music dancers must find their innate musicality in the movement. I offer a warm, supportive environment in rehearsal.

I cannot pay now, however, I am applying for private funds. At the conclusion of video and/or in-person performance, you will have a filmed product for your own use.

Current work excerpts below. If interested, please contact me

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