Friday, April 2, 2021

FREE DELving into Dance History Mini-Workshop: Flamenco with Nélida Tirado

DELving into Dance History: Flamenco with Nélida Tirado Grace Kathryn Landefeld

FREE DELving into Dance History Mini-Workshop: Flamenco with Nélida Tirado

Explore dance education practices dedicated to artistry, collaboration, and dance-making in a 3-hour embodied and interactive Zoom workshop inspired by the work of Pillow Lab artist Nélida Tirado. Tirado has received international recognition for her “grace, style, and dynamics as a Spanish/flamenco and Latin dancer.” 

Tirado will join as a guest artist to share her reflections and an embodied experience highlighting her newest work, Dime Quien Soy, an exploration of Andalusian flamenco and Nuyorican salsa that offers a “prismatic perspective on politics, race, and diaspora.”

Participants will also learn about the rich, cultural history of the art of flamenco and DELve into the Jacob's Pillow Dance Interactive site to discover the work of flamenco artists who have performed at Jacob's Pillow over the years. Open to all levels and those interested in embodied dance education practices. No previous dance experience required.

Early bird special access! Participants that register by April 14th are invited to attend Nélida Tirado: Inside the Pillow Lab April 15 at 7pm Eastern, screened on YouTube, and immediately followed by an intimate Zoom Q&A conversation with Tirado and collaborators.

April 18 from 2:30-5:30pm Eastern

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