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Monday, May 29, 2023

Sponsoring some dancers to take class

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Hey there my name is Evelyn Tejeda, I would like to offer some dancers this opportunity, sharing my class. If you are a dancer in need, I have a few slots to take Intermediate/advance Contemporary Feel, on Wednesday May 31th at 7pm in NYC. Location will be sent once you get your spot.

 I believe that dance should be accessible to everyone, regardless of financial circumstances. That's why we're offering this class to some dancers with just a donation-based model or pay-what-you-can. We want to share this incredible opportunity with as many passionate individuals as possible!


Class description

Discover a technique that draws inspiration from Contemporary dance, as well as my big exposure to other forms of dance and moves, such as Hip-Hop dance, Popping, breakdance, House and the movements of everyday life. This technique is interested in exploring the expressive potential of the body and awkwardness, emphasizing the use of the floor work, hits, waves, isolation, melt, spirals, leg patterns.  With this fusion of Styles I'm crafting a dynamic method that blends the best elements of different styles. This fusion creates a truly unique and captivating experience that will leave you inspired.


Must have Intermediate / Advanced level on any style but love contemporary and movement in general.

We encourage you to be responsible and commit to your assistance, otherwise someone else could take advantage of the available space.

There are just a few spots left.

To get your spot email to  write in Subject: “JETADAM”. In the body: Present yourself and express why would you like to participate in this experience?


Bio and more information about Evelyn’s trajectory and more on:


IG. @evelyntejeda_

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