Wednesday, October 13, 2010

2 dancer needed for Oct 18th movie shoot

I posted this add a while ago when in need of 6 dancers, but 2 at the last minute were not able to do it because of schedules so I am in need of two more dancers for an upcoming movie shoot on October 18th.

The movie is a beautiful Romanian Fable that is directed by Adrian Szaz.  It has all the twists and turns of a Roman one. It is about a man in search of his lover, but he gets trapped by a witch in a Forest on his way to find her. I am giving a simple version, but I am sure you all know how crazy and beautiful Roman fables are, and this one is even more with all the Romanian costumes and music that will be involved.

The dancing is in one scene where the dancers will play the witches slaves,where we are helping her seduce this man, sensualize and capture him. It is an easy scene that will be filmed outside in a Forest setting. For that reason we will be filming in Pennsylvania.

You would need to be available for rehearsal on saturday the 16th at 6:30pm as well as the day of filming, Monday oct 18th. All transportation will be provided for. You also need to be comfortable with partial nudity. You will be wearing romanian skirts, but no top. However the masks you will be wearing are very large and pretty much cover up top, so it is very partial.

Adrain is making the film for producers that want to see his work and possibly sign him on to do some movies. So although there will be no pay, it will be a lot of fun to make and a great possible opportunity for those involved if this movie is accepted.


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