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Soluq Dance holding audition/workshop MARCH 7th. Seeking 2-3 Dancers for 2019 season

Soluq Dance Scott Shaw

Soluq Dance is holding an Audition Workshop on Thursday, MARCH 7th 12-4pm at Gibney Dance 280! We're looking for 2-3 dancers for our 2019 season! 

Soluq is looking for dancers who have a strong technical background, are comfortable with improvisation, enjoy collaboration, and enjoy broadening their artistic voice and working with other strong artists. The company will be working on preparing for upcoming performances and developing our latest work, SHADOWLAND. 
Dancers should prepare/be able to attend Company Rehearsals, held Tuesdays and Thursdays 12-3pm. We will begin rehearsing March 19th.

Dance Artists interested in auditioning should send their Headshot, CV, and a short video (~1 min) of improvisation showing your skills, your passion, and your personality to Due to limited space, we will reply to you either with an invite to attend within a few days of your submission or a very sincere thank you for your interest, and a reply either way before the week of the audition. ALL Races, Orientations, Genders, Nationalities, and Abled-Bodies are welcome and encouraged to apply. Check out some of our other work via our insta for more info on what we do.

*NOTE* We've recieved many videos with awesome dancers we could not appreciate due to filming choices. To make sure we see you at your best, try some of these simple guidelines:

- Try not to wear black (black clothes make you hard to see on most videos) and make sure the back of the camera faces any windows or bright lights so you're not blown-out. Wear clothes that allow us to see your body move.

- Film with enough room for you to move, but don't get too far from the camera. 

- Your reel is great, we're sure, but please send us a video of improv (1min), since it's a tool we use in process.

Please send all your information by March 4th! If you have any extenuating circumstances, feel free to email explaining.


 - The Workshop/Audition will proceed similar to a day of rehearsal, as follows: - 

12-12:30 Class - An opportunity to get your body oriented for the workshop to follow. No one will be judged during class time, it's for you only. 

12:30-1:30~45 - Repertory:Creation. Learn rep from Shadowland and participate in our creation process. The repertory will involve improvisation tasks. If we have time, we'll create an improv structure as well. Everyone is invited to stay through this segment. 

2:00/15-4pm - Break followed by small group. We'll make our first cut, and dive into some of the meatier content from our current work. We'll experience the structures of the work at large, utilize the tools the company uses to create a robust task-based experience, and experience some of the more complex moments and creation tasks. 

We understand the hardships of independent dancers looking for employment, and have decided to forego any audition/workshop fees. Use that money to buy a happy lunch instead and come well energized! 

Please feel free to email with any questions, and we look forward to hearing from you! 


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A close-up of the performer- she is East-Asian, thin and is looking downwards. She has three contact microphones attached to the bare skin of her chest.


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A close-up of the performer- she is East-Asian, thin and is looking downwards. She has three contact microphones attached to the bare skin of her chest.