Friday, February 14, 2020

Seeking Two Dancers (African American-F) - Feb 25


Hello Dance NYC! 

I founded a non profit that builds community through laughter called NYLaughs.   We produce free comedy programming in public spaces with professional comedians to foster a happier NYC and deepen an appreciation of the art of stand up comedy.   Our shows have been listed in the NY Times 23x and we've won LMCC grants 13x.  We're seeking two dancers of African American descent for a performance we're doing celebrating Black History Month.   We've been invited to a prominent event and are looking for dancers to dance out before the comedian to bring up the energy level in the venue.  It's only 6 minutes of work - one minute to dance out to the stage and 5 minutes of standing behind the comedian with our flag or some kind of signage.  There is no special choreography needed, but we ask that dancers arrive 45 minutes early just to walk through staging and come up with something that is slightly in unison, professional and won't look uncoordinated.   It doesn't have to be elaborate.  

Our budget is $100 for one hour of your time.   Again, the request is:

- arrive 45 minutes before the event

- two dancers will walk through and come up with a coordinated dance out to the front of the venue.  the venue is small 

- dance out to the front ( 1 minute) 

- stand at the front of the event behind performers ( 5 minutes)

$100 compensation for

10 minutes of practice / 1 minute of dancing / 5 minutes of standing at the front of the venue

We will provide tshirts the day of the event and ask that the dancers wear black tights and or leotards under the t-shirts.  

We are seeking two dancers of African American descent.  The event is on Tuesday, February 25.  The event will start sometime between 5:30 and 6p.    We will give you more info as soon as we have it.   The location is near City Hall. 

We are looking for professional dancers.  Please send headshot and links to work, if interested.  Many thanks! 

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