Thursday, April 19, 2012

Show Your Work at The T: Dance, Watch, Reflect


Maverick Dance Experience is producing a dance show called The T: Dance, Watch, Reflect. This is an original project we are constructing to give New York dance artists a safe space to perform works and get constructive feedback from the audience, so that artists can use the feedback to inform their choreography. So much of the dance world is filled with competition, critical eyes, and self-doubt. There is a powerful and uplifting side to the dance world as well, and that is what we are creating. At our event, dance artists can network, perform, and learn how the audience perceived their work. We want every artist to create their best work and give us healthy competition, which is why we need an event like The T: Dance, Watch, Reflect.

Your piece must be between 5-15 minutes.

To apply:

Email us the following info.

1) Name of Dance Company:

2) Name of Choreographer:

3) Number of Performers:

4) Length:

5) Music:

6) Does your work have props or special needs? If so, explain.

7) Describe the work you are submitting:

8) Why are you applying to The T: Dance, Watch, Reflect?

9)Send a video/link of your work:

10)Application fee:$15. Copy and paste the link below, which will take you to PayPal where you can pay the application fee.

*Application Deadline:May 26th

*Show Date:June 23rd at the Nagelberg Theater

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