Tuesday, December 4, 2018

ADF's Movies by Movers Holiday Submission Discount!

2 men in colorful clothing. One Jumping in the air; one standing with wide legs. From the film, Darlings, by Lauren Edson

Calling all screendance artists! Between December 3rd and December 24th, all submissions are off with the code, MBMGIFTS at checkout!

ADF's Movies by Movers is an annual, international dance film festival celebrating the conversation between the moving body and the screen under the auspices of the American Dance Festival. Short films by professionals and students are welcome in the categories of General, Animation, and Underrepresented Choreographers/Directors for the 2019 season. Those submitting to the General category are invited to send any screendance, narrative, documentary, or experimental short film(s) with movement as a primary focus. This submitting to the Animation category are invited to submit dance film utilizing 2-D animation, stop motion, rotoscope, digital animation, and more. Those submitting in the Underrepresented category are invited to self-identify as being from groups marginalized in screendance and the arts more broadly: people of color, people in the LGBTQIA+ community, people with disabilities, people of different sizes, people of mature age, non-professional/non-institutionally accredited dancers, and more. We are looking forward to viewing and screening your work!

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