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Choreographic Mentorship & Entrepreneurial Program

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Are you an emerging choreographer looking to take your career to the next level, but aren't sure what direction to go in? We are currently accepting applications for the Pizarts Mentorship & Entrepreneurial Program (can be done remotely or in person). 

Mentorship is a vital component to development & success in any industry. Through the Pizarts Program, you will be paired with a seasoned mentor to receive 1-1 feedback, guidance and support on your choreographic journey. 

Every single choreographer is different and there are many pathways in this field. We work with our mentees to help you become a well-rounded & versatile Choreographer. Discover your niche, recognize your strengths and improve weaknesses while receiving support, entrepreneurial education and an international network to pursue your path.

How: The Pizarts Mentorship begins with a formal consultation in which you submit your materials (choreography videos/reel, headshots, resume, instagram, website etc) for review and feedback. We follow up with a video conference in which we delve into your dance goals, trajectory thus far, current needs & direction you wish to pursue. Together we create a plan that works for you with weekly check-ins to track your progress.

Overall the Pizarts Mentorship & Entrepreneurial Program consists of:

*Formal Consultation, Review and Feedback of Materials 
*Creating an Individualized Plan based on your Career Goals + Direction 
*Weekly/Bi-Weekly Check-Ins via Phone, FaceTime or E-mail to track progress 
*Development of Package (Headshot, Reel, Resume, Instagram, Website) 
*Ongoing Feedback on Dance Technique & Performance via Video Submissions 
*Entrepreneurial Skills + Freelance Education
*Specific Class and/or Teacher Recommendations  
*Networking, International Connections & Career Pathways 
*Ongoing Support Via Phone/Text/Email

**For international professionals, we also offer consultation on applying for your Artist Visa.

Timeline: We recommend starting with a minimum of 4 weeks. You may sign up for longer, take a month off and return, etc. The Mentorship Program is also a pathway to becoming a Pizarts Ambassador, which can be discussed further if interested.

Cost: 4 weeks for $500 ($125/week).

To Apply: 

Please submit your headshot, resume & choreography reel (or footage) as well as answers to the following questions to

1) What are your goals in dance/choreography?
2) Describe your dance journey thus far (training, performance, choreographic experience, accolades, etc).
3) What direction you want to go in with your dance career?
4) What are you looking for in a Mentor?

For more information about our company's offerings, please visit

Thank you & we look forward to receiving your submissions!

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