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Fall Immersive Dance Festival

Fall Immersive Dance Fesitval PC: Eric Bandiero

MachineHDance is seeking submissions for the Fall Immersive Dance Festival to be held at Triskelion Arts on Thursday and Friday October 24th/25th at 7:00pm. The festival is meant to provide dance artists with an affordable and supportive platform to fully immerse themselves in the process of choreography and dance-making. Authentic creative process is the key to reaching one’s audience and truly sharing one’s craft and Fall Immersive Dance Festival is designed to provide companies and choreographers the opportunity to do so. 

Submitted works may be of any dance style that does not require hard footwear such as sneakers or tap shoes. Pieces should be between 5 and 15 minutes in length. Choreographers are welcome to submit new work or existing work that they intend to re-work or build upon. Optional “Care to Share” rehearsals will be offered with subsidized space provided by WR Arts in Williamsburg, BK. Present choreographers will collaboratively design the rehearsals with MachineHDance in which artists may share works-in-progress, collaborate, critique, make process-driven suggestions and so on. This activity is optional yet is meant to support the community of artists participating in the festival - rather than only working together at the 2 day festival itself. The festival fee is $175 with no fee to submit and includes the following: 

-Two performance opportunities - Thursday and Friday evenings - October 24th/25th at 7:00pm at Triskelion Arts
-One 30 minute technical rehearsal scheduled in the afternoon of Thursday October 24th
-Photos and Video of the Piece
-Promotional Images 
-“Care to Share” Rehearsal Time and Space at WR Arts 
-Choreographer Ticket

Submission Application Questions are below and must be submitted to by Friday August 23rd. Due to the focus on the dance-making process of this festival, piece acceptance will not be made based on personal and subjective aesthetic preferences, yet made on the level of thought and detail put into the submission application. Please ensure that your application is complete before submitting. 

Companies will be notified of acceptance before Friday August 30th and will pay a festival fee deposit of $75 by Friday September 6th. The remaining $100 balance will be due by Friday October 4th. Fees will be accepted via Venmo, Paypal, or Chase QuickPay depending on the preference of the artist. 

“Care to Share” rehearsal days and times will be determined after piece acceptance in order to accommodate choreographer and dancer availability. Due to the subsidized nature of the space, specific times are available, most likely Wednesdays from 11am-1pm or Thursdays from 6-8pm. MachineHDance will do everything possible to accommodate the dance artists, however space may not be available during high-traffic rental times. 

Please direct all questions regarding the festival to Stephanie Deere at 

Submission Application to be submitted by Friday August 23rd

Name of Company (if applicable): 

Name of Choreographer: 

Style of Dance to be Submitted: 

Musical Accompaniment (Live or Pre-Recorded and Genre): 

Approximate Length of Work: 

Is this a new work or an edit of an existing work? 

Proposal of piece including how many dancers, theme or story, dance-making process, relevant props or costumes, and any other pertinent information: 

A video link of previous work, similar work, or work to be edited (please include password if protected): 

Please attach a photo to be used for promotional purposes in the event of acceptance to the festival to this submission email. 

Please confirm that if accepted to the festival the non-refundable deposit of $75 is due on Friday September 6th, and the remaining $100 balance is due on Friday October 4th by copying this statement into your submission application and placing your initials next to it. 

Due to our Triskelion Arts rental, please do not submit any pieces that require hard footwear or large props that can not be easily brought in and taken away. We are not allowed to leave anything on the premises overnight and there can be no scraping the floor, body paint, glitter, or any other art mediums that could damage the premises. 

Thank you so much for your submission. We greatly look forward to reviewing your work and will send you a confirmation email that your submission application has been received within 3 business days. Your acceptance status will be emailed by Friday August 30th. Please send any additional questions to

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