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HERE Mainstage

Call for Submissions: SubletSeries@HERE Program

One of our most vital services, the SubletSeries@HERE Program, supports 250 guest independent artists and groups—such as New Georges, Vampire Cowboys, and ViBe Theater Experience (an educational arts group for underserved urban teen girls)—and their audiences each season. This creative curated rental program has allowed many upstart companies and emerging artists to realize their full artistic…


Choreographer for Surreal Short Film

I'm a MFA student in Television Production at Brooklyn College, and I'm directing a short (~12 minute) film this semester; it's a surreal, dream-logic narrative about a young man breaking up with his boyfriend and his reality fracturing. There's an extended dance break in the middle of the film set to a current pop song, a music video-like sequence, which I want to do with five…

from the Periapsis Open Series 2017 (choreography by Madison Hicks)

Periapsis Open Series 2019

Periapsis Music and Dance is offering paid performance opportunities to choreographers and companies who are working with composers and/or live music.  Performances will take place on May 10 and 11, 2019, at Kumble Theater for the Performing Arts at LIU Brooklyn.  This is not a collaboration with Periapsis’s resident company, nor do we match choreographers with composers for this series.  We…

Dance Astoria at Bohemian Hall and Beer Garden

Dance Astoria 2019

Call for Queens - Based Choreographers! Dance Astoria is seeking Queens - Based Choreographers for the 6th Annual Dance Astoria festival, held outdoors at the Bohemian Hall and Beer Garden in Astoria, NY. This year the festival will take place from 3pm - 6pm on Sunday, June 9th, 2019. Queens' residents are encouraged to submit choreography from all styles of dance, including contemporary, classical,…

Photo from JUICE Choreographed by Katelyn Halpern

KH&D Presents (April 25-26, 2019) - Application

Perform at SMUSH Gallery alongside new work from Katelyn Halpern & Dancers! One evening Thursday & Friday, April 25-26, 2019 The time commitment for performers: 5:00-10:30p (tech and performance same day) Performance: 8:00p Location: 340 Summit Ave, Jersey City (10 minutes' walk from the Journal Square PATH station)  Know Before You Apply: - This event is for movement-based performance (broad…



“When we dance, we forget there’s a specific trajectory of movement to return to.” —Caterina Rago What does it require to catch and release a prop or a book in a performance? And, what does it take, beyond technical execution, to defy the horizontal plane in physical theater and dance?  The Master Class Series asks and explores choreographic questions at work in Caterina Rago’s performances.…

7Midnights Physical Research-The Second Midnight Performance

7MPR Themed Dance Theater Program: The Second Midnight Performance (Application Deadline: March 31)

7Midnights Physical Research: Themed Dance Theater 7Midnights Physical Research is dedicated to the exploration of 7 social issues: Class, Education, Ability, Sexuality, Race, Age, Gender. Seven performances will take place throughout the year, and each performance will cover two or more than three topics of these social issues through dance. Each choreographer's work will express one of the…

LEIMAY Subsidized Fellowship

Open Call // *New* Fully Subsidized LEIMAY Fellowship 2019

LEIMAY’s New Subsidized Fellowship nurtures a half-year long creative and research process for 4 artists. It provides an arena for artistic exploration, professional development, and public outreach to a local community of movement-based artists with an interdisciplinary practice who seek a space to create and share their work in a supportive environment of fellow artists. SUBSIDIZED FELLOWS…

BalletNext at New York Live Arts Feb 19-23


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BalletNext at New York Live Arts Feb 19-23