Wednesday, March 18, 2020

CALL FOR WORK: The Loculus Journal, Special Edition: Notes from Quarantine

Call for Work Olana Z Flynn

In the past week the term “social distancing” has become a part of the vernacular. In some ways our work as LOCULUS was already about social distance. Our creative partnership about creating despite distance, The Loculus Journal a project in highlighting connection through critical consideration of the body in an international, cross/multi-disciplinary online journal. Our plan for the journal was to release one curated journal each year but our current circumstances call for flexibility and adaptation.

As we are being asked to distance ourselves physically our creative communities are moving online – folks are teaching through zoom and Instagram live, lists of resources for collaborating and teaching online are being assembled, festivals of cancelled performances and virtual tours of museums are being streamed online. We have always felt that the perspectives of critically engaged artists are essential to all kinds of creative collaborations. While there is a lot that is uncertain right now that belief is not one of those uncertainties. The other thing we are certain of is that as artists we must continue to create and share our work despite physical distance and our circumstances shifting. 

Notes from Quarantine is an uncurated special edition of The Loculus Journal. What are you making/writing/recording during this time of social distancing?


Work must have been created during COVID-19 lockdown/quarantine/social distancing. It does not have to be about COVID-19, but it can be. 

We will accept work of any medium as long as it can be hosted on the internet (writing, visual art, video, sound, something we haven’t imagined yet). As always, we are particularly interested in ‘dance’ and work that deals with the body and embodiment, but are entirely open to what dance, body, and embodiment mean to each of you.

We will publish Notes from Quarantine on April 1st but submissions will continue to be added as long as it feels necessary.

Follow this link to submit:

Contact us at with questions.

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