Saturday, April 4, 2020

Social Distancing Collective Call for Video Submissions - Dance Film Project

Social Distancing Collective Cover Photo KR Photography

Social Distancing Collective is composed of a group of international artists (composers, musicians, videographers, photographers, dancers, and graphic designers) deeply impacted by the world wide shut-down caused by COVID-19.

Social Distancing Collective strives to connect artists across all borders in one voice through love of music and movement.  We have set out to create a film that strings together the narratives of individuals around the world as they navigate this sudden new way of life.  In a world that feels so disconnected and confined we are looking to find new ways to move together, collaborate, and create.  We are anyone and everyone.  It doesn't matter if you are new to dance or a seasoned professional, we are all dancers and artists at heart.


Connecting & Creating Together

At Social Distancing Collective, we understand the importance of support and feeling of community.  We hope our project will serve as a branch and support system where your creative juices can flow freely.  As our community grows so will this site and its content.

a??Join our team in creating a dance film based around social distancing/ lock-down/ quarantine by submitting a short 1-3 minute clip of yourself using the form below.


- Video is unedited

- 3 minutes max

- Must be your own original work

- Video can be filmed by another person and include a max of 2 people.

- If filming with another dancer no contact please.

- Should be filmed in an area that is not populated nor will put you and others at risk (ie. in your home, yard, abandoned street, open field)

- Shots can be creative, up close segments of the body, wide shots 

- By submitting materials artist agrees to the Terms & Conditions (available on our website)

- There is no age limit and no current deadline.

To submit a form simply go to our website at and press the submission button.  There you will be prompted to fill out a form and upload your video!

For any questions regarding the project please feel free to contact us via email at

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