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Looking for Great Personal Trainers for Progressive Training Team



Hi there! :)

The L Trainer is an innovative team composed of good natured and well educated trainers. We're on the forefront of developing an individual's personal practice with a focus on restoring individual vitality, and we're seeking out great candidates that our clients would love working with - trainers that are good people, great at what they do, excited about new concepts in health, like being part of a cool and friendly team, and are reliable.

You can check us out at:

We've been NYC-based for 10 years, (mostly focused in North Brooklyn and Lower Manhattan) and work with high-end clients who are at the forefront of their own careers. 

Our clients work with us because they know they're getting an elite service from us, that comes from highly educated trainers who are relatable people that they like working with.

Many of our trainers have come from dance backgrounds, here's a testimonial of one of our current trainers who also maintains a successful career in the NYC dance community:

"Balancing the careers of a dancer and Holistic personal trainer has been an enriching adventure to embark on. At The L Trainer, I have found a collective of trainers who add depth to my movement and help expand my physical knowledge through their unique expertise. I am able to have a fulfilling performance career and maintain a consistent roster of clients because of The L Trainer’s respect and understanding of my schedule and personal goals. As an L Trainer I have learned how to look for balance and ease in my life. I feel more inspired, more alive, more embodied because of my time spent working and learning with this company."

We're expanding right now and are looking to grow our team with incredible trainers that identify with our values and believe in what we do.

The elite trainers we're looking to find are:

* Educated in their field
* Personally invested in their client's well-being
* Skilled at recognizing each individual's needs and developing personally tailored approaches
* Enjoy the profession and take satisfaction out of their client's well-being
* Good people who our clients will trust and like working with

Some benefits of working on our team include:

- Dynamic clients who are highly motivated
- Higher than industry-average pay
- Growing as a trainer in a team led by an Ivy League educated founder focused on fostering a new generation of holistic fitness trainers

Additionally, the right trainers for our team:

* Prefer to work for a training company, rather than in their own business, because you are focused on improving your training skills and don't want the hassle of running your own business
* Are active on social media
* Have flexible availability - we're looking for trainers with early morning availability (beginning as early as 6am or 7am) at least 2-3 mornings a week, as well as potentially evenings and weekends

If hearing our approach sounds like we're the kind of group you've been looking to find and be a part of, first kindly check the list of requirements below to make sure you meet them. And if you do, kindly email us your resume to and tell us your thoughts on why it'd be a good fit with our team and how we approach training. 

(Taking the time to write and tell us that is important for us to hear - it helps us to know that we're the right kind of fit for each other :)



1. Experience: at least 2 years of consistent personal training experience.

2. Educations and Training:

Trade school in personal training (such as AAPT or FPTI) 


Training Certification with at least 40 hours of continuing education


Bachelor's degree in kinesiology, Exercise Science, or other fitness-related field. 

3. Personal training insurance

4. CPR certified (up-to-date)

* If you don't meet any of the above requirements, we have an apprenticeship program that includes mentoring and education for up and coming trainers with a goal towards bringing you on board our team longer term. We usually do this every few months - so please do reach out if you're interested, but have less experience than noted above :)  

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