Friday, July 26, 2019

Volunteering: Non-Profit Inclusive Dance Program for Children with Disabilities

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At Ballet For All Kids, we know everybody has abilities that can be used as a springboard to learn new skills and enhance a personal sense of accomplishment. Unfortunately, many children cannot succeed in a traditional class setting and are thus excluded from the numerous benefits that dance classes offer. Our integral approach offers a less restrictive environment paired with individualized attention and support in order to help every student succeed. We share the joys and benefits with all abilities, bodies, and learners.

We are looking for volunteers passionate about dance and working with children. Volunteers assist as one-on-one class aids and may help students physically. by demonstrating, providing encouragement and any additional support an individual may need. 

Classes are currently running weekends; Midtown, LIC, Gowanus. Check our current schedule here:

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Young dancers posing while holding homemade paper art projects


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Young dancers posing while holding homemade paper art projects

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