Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Volunteers Needed!

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Founded by Richard “Rodd” Denson in 2018, stubbornMVMT is a performance-based company that uses dance, theatre, and visual arts to shatter boundaries of the status quo. We create intentional chaos - providing a platform for free and radical voices to be heard. It is not our interest in providing an answer but rather a platform for discussion.


Rodd Denson, Artistic Director of stubbornMVMT, in collaboration with The Performance Project @ University Settlement is presenting his first evening-length work: HOMELess. HOMEless is an intimate experience navigating queer black and brown identity. It is where anxiety and depression meet strength and sacrifice; how identity is adequate to survival and presence is power, yet existence is complete chaos. HOMEless speaks directly to that feeling of loneliness and uncertainty even in spaces that are deemed a safe haven. It is an exploration and open dialogue between it [feelings of abandonment and depression] and myself.


stubbornMVMT is seeking four (4) volunteers to assist in this upcoming production. We are looking for a Projection/Sound Operator, Marketing/Admin Assistant and two (2) Stage Hands.


Volunteers will need to be available for the following times:

November 12: 6p - 11p, November 13: 5:45p - 10p, and November 14: 5:45p - 10p


For more information and to apply, click here.

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