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February, 9-21, 2020

Accessible community improvisation

Black & White: Audre walks as Laura rolls down the street after presenting about disability and illness at a somatics conference Bryan Bisordi

Hyp- ACCESS accessible community improv. @ Gibney 280 Broadway!!!

Class Description: This accessible improvisation class is a combination of movement, neuromuscular and disability theory, and community engagement centered around hypermobility and disability in dance.

Hypermobility is defined as a greater than normal range of motion in one or more joints. Most dancers at some point in their career experience hypermobility through acquired means (ex. injury, ligament overstretching) and/or genetic inheritance. We invite all ranges of self-identified disabled, ill, and hypermobile movers, including those with injuries, to join us.

Class will begin with conversation, lead into warm-up, and move into exploration of improvisational scores specific to the community members in the room. Our warm-up utilizes an awareness-based body education method co-developed by Laura and Audre that is tailored to hypermobility and has roots in Alexander Technique.

Bring your braces, mobility aids, creams, whatever you want to integrate into taking class! Fully accessible venue!

Hyp-Access ( is a disability justice project run by Laura Tuthall and Audre Wirtanen that supports care & community access for hypermobile people. Its creators are both chronically ill/disabled artists who merge scientific knowledge with disability justice values to develop community-responsive, accessible programming. Laura and Audre’s approach grows out of their respect for lived experience and criticality of established care systems in medicine, alternative body based practices, and the arts. They are co-developers of Adaptive AT, a modified form of Alexander Technique tailored to hypermobile needs. Audre is a 2019-2020 Work-Up artist in residence.

Class Title: access8: $8 class- Hyp-ACCESS

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Young dancers posing while holding homemade paper art projects

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