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November 17 - December 22, 2018

Afro-Brazilian Dance Class

Afro-Brazilian Class Taught by Velly Bahia

Velly’s Afro-Brazilian Class  presents sequences and exercises to prepare the body for fun and uplifting dances originally from Angola, Congo, Benin, Nigeria, and West Africa. These dances and rhythms—including Samba de Roda, Axé, Sambareggae, Orixás, and Afoxé—are colorful, energize the body and spirit, help students develop rhythm and coordination, and stay fit, all while teaching the student about Brasilian culture.

Instructor: Velly Bahia
Saturdays 3:00PM-4:30PM

Single Class: $16

5 Class Card: $70

10 Class Card: $130

20 Class Card: $240

RIOULT Dance Center is conveniently located across from the Steinway St. subway station. Entrance on 34th Ave.

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Dancers perform in front of the Hudson River


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Dancers perform in front of the Hudson River