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Saturday, February 15, 2020

Celebrating Brasilian Carnaval

Two Women in Brazilian Carnival Attire N/A

Celebrate Brasil and the traditions of Carnaval at Ailey Extension with Danielle Lima and Janete Silva! Dance through the basics of samba and African Brasilian dance and experience the roots of Brasil.

Students are first invited to celebrate Carnaval like Bahianos (people born in Bahia) with Janete Silva and experience the Blocos Afros groove. Bloco Afros are Carnaval groups which celebrate cultural manifestations of African origin. The rhythms are based in what is called “samba afro” or “samba reggae” (which come in a number of variations) and the dress is African-inspired.

Then, students are invited to celebrate Carnaval like cariocas (people born in Rio de Janeiro) with Danielle Lima. Danielle will teach “Samba no pé” and a simple choreography of a Samba de Enredo of one of Rio’s Samba School. Students will also learn some marchinhas de Carnaval song! 

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