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June, 14-17, 2019

Come Back Once More So I Can Say Goodbye

Dancers in white extending through second position

In celebration of the 50th Anniversary of Stonewall and World Pride coming to New York for the first time ever, Come Back Once More So I Can Say Goodbye, is anevening-length theatrical dance performance which tells the story of the gay community from 1965-1995 in New York City. The piece takes us from the early Gay Rights Movement with the historic Sip-In at the Julius Bar, to the uprising at Stonewall, and through the widespread apathy and abject hysteria of the AIDS crisis. Through stunning performances, we experience the indomitable resolve of those who defiantly faced the siege against them with humor, bravery and compassion. Each performance will be dedicated to supporting the work of an LGBTQ youth or HIV service-related organization. 

Presented by Labyrinth Dance Theater, the show features thirty renowned dancers, singers and musicians representing a multi-generational and diverse cast, which reflects the diversity and energy of the characters in the piece.

For those who lived through this epoch, it is an opportunity to honor and celebrate the memory of loved ones lost. For younger generations, it’s an important and timely reminder that being able to live authentically as an LGBTQ person is historically veryrecent, not a guaranteed right, and only possible because of the hard-fought battles of those who came before us. Ultimately, this show is about HOPE and LOVE triumphing over HATE. It shows both the memories that should never die, and the promise of hope that always merits tending; a visceral tell-all for the maze of emotions known by the gay community in New York City over thirty years of incredible joy and impossible loss.

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