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October, 19-23, 2020

Daily Improvisation Practice with Sherwood Chen

A person working on all fours with white socks on hands and feet and Sigel Eschkol

HMD's 2020 Bridge Project POWER SHIFT: Improvisation, Activism, and Community presents 

A five day series of improvisation practices with Sherwood Chen.  

Monday - Friday OCTOBER 19-23, 2020, 10 AM - 12 PM (PDT)

This event will take place online via Zoom. You will receive a link to access this event the evening prior. 


DAILY DROP-IN: $20 suggested, $10 - $30, sliding scale. 


ABOUT THE PRACTICE  |  Sherwood Chen proposes glimpses into past and current movement research, leading to improvisation practice. Points of departure for movement exploration vary daily and include, subject to change: slowing down movement as a strategy to overheat kinesthetic attention; applying sensorial memory to render impossible landscapes in the flesh; moving from seeing without using our eyes; and heraldic experimentations with the weight of our sage bones. Each session builds towards self- and / or partner-generated improvisations. Except when there are break-out room discussions / exchanges / witnessing, a large part of each session will not require participants to look at a screen.

Have a notebook, keyboard, or audio recorder for your own reflections, enough floor space to lay down, an image of the day to share on your profile screen (i.e. the image we see when your cameras are off ), and a selection of music / sound you enjoy moving to in your own space.

ABOUT SHERWOOD CHEN   |   Sherwood Chen is a performer and cultural worker. He performs and leads workshops internationally, and has worked with artists including Grisha Coleman, Yuko Kaseki, Amara Tabor-Smith, Xavier Le Roy, Min Tanaka, Anna Halprin, Jess Curtis, inkBoat, Sara Shelton Mann and l’agence touriste. He has trained dancers in places including the Centre National de la Danse, Independent Dance / Siobahn Davies Studios, La MeI?nagerie de Verre, Oficina Cultural Oswalde de Andrade, ODC, Arlequi, Chez Bushwick, Sala Crisantempo, Centro Nacional de las Artes, UC Berkeley and the MareI? Center for the Arts. For over twenty years, he has contributed to Body Weather research initiated by Tanaka and his associates, both as a member of Tanaka's company Mai Juku and Body Weather Farm in Japan, and subsequently working with founding members including Oguri and Christine Quoiraud in the US and France. His arts advocacy work has specialized in support for tradition-based, indigenous and community-based artists and programs.

ABOUT POWER SHIFT   |  POWER SHIFT: Improvisation, Activism, and Community invites artists and activists to share the practice and performance of improvisation. Co-curated by Cherie Hill, Hope Mohr, and Karla Quintero, POWER SHIFT brings you inside the improvisational practices of Black/African American, Latinx/Latin American, Asian American, female-identifying and queer improvisers and social justice activists. The program highlights voices from African dance, jazz aesthetics, social and street dance, contemporary forms, and Capoeira.

POWER SHIFT is about more than performance. A wide array of intensives and workshops at the intersection of dance and social action offer opportunities to build and share tools for the creative process. In these spaces, we will move and imagine together. We will cultivate power and resilience in the face of shifting and uncertain landscapes. 

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