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Saturday, May 18, 2019

Dalit Agronin/ Sara Pischedda (NYC/Italy)

Between The Seas Festival

Female choreographers Dalit Agronin (NYC) and Sara Pischedda (Sardinia) question notions of beauty and the societal norms around them. Agronin's through the eyes of deals with the idea of beauty. What does this word mean? Why is my idea of beauty different than the next persons? Who decides what is beautiful or not? This work braves these questions and begins to discover the answers.

Similar questions are raised in Pischedda's 120 grams: Will people really see me if I don’t look as I am expected to look? How much space is my body expected to occupy, how much is it allowed? To what extent we let the words that might define our physical appearance become a definition of our identity? To what extent are we letting our looks define who we are?

Also on the bill is Balletto di Sardegna's WelcomeTUItaly, choreographed and performed by Sara Pischedda and Luca Castellano, which uses humor, provocation, and cliche to tear down the myths surrounding Italian identity as seen from the rest of the world.


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