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November, 22-23, 2019

"Dances of Passion and Peace, A concert of New Dance, Music, Poetry, and Translation"

Beth Soll Barry Hetherington

Beth Soll will present her Beth Soll & Company, an ensemble of dancers and musicians, in "Dances of Passion and Peace, A Concert of New Dance, Music, Poetry, and Translation."   Dancers Janet Aisawa, Abby Dias, Kristen Hedberg, Hannah McClean, Lindsey Miller, Marisa Post, and Soll will perform an evening of all premieres to new music by Thomas Addison, Nuria Divi, Wendy Griffiths, Josh Rosen, and Stan Strickland, played live.  The evening will also feature poetry, both sung and spoken, by Robert Frost, Lin Haire-Sargeant, Langston Hughes, Rumi and Walt Whitman, and will be recited in English, French, Catalan, German, French, and American Sign Language.   Beth Soll founded her Company in 1977, and her very individual style has earned her praised over the years from critics around the country.  To cite just a few: "luminous, beguiling" (Deborah Jowitt, The Village Voice); "magical, mystical, mysterious" (Chicago Reader); " alchemist: she takes the dross of everyday life and turns it into the equivalent of spun gold" (The Boston Phoenix).

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