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October, 20-22, 2019

FLIGHT: torn like a rose

Lacouir Yancey & Ze Motion as Parrot Brothers in FLIGHT Fero Sandaval

Peggy Choy Dance Company brightens New York skies with an exciting intercultural dance-theater performance, “FLIGHT: torn like a rose”! Inspired by the Persian 12th c. poem, Conference of the birds, by Farid ud-Din Attar, the world’s birds embark on a dangerous journey in search of the Wondrous Rose of Love.  The few birds that survive make a surprising discovery. New York dancers Ze Motion, Autumn Harms, Yuriko Miyake and Xavier Townsend join Peggy Choy and Lacouir Yancey to perform electrifying Afro Asian dance that fuses hip-hop, contemporary dance & martial arts. Sunday 4 pm show great for the whole family! School Matinees 10/21 & 10/22 at 10 am & 12 noon. For tickets and school show sign-up contact: or call 718-488-1624.



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