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November 20 - December 6, 2020

FilmFest By Rogue Dancer: Land…SCAPE Edition (November 2020)

FFXRD: Land...SCAPE Edition (Nov.. 2020) Poster Film Stills by Featured Filmmakers FFXRD: Land...SCAPE Edition


Each month CREATE your own DANCE film screening.
(In better times, with your family and friends OR in isolation on your own time.)

FilmFest By Rogue Dancer: Land…SCAPE Edition (November 2020)

This month we are exploring The Great Outdoors

FilmFest By Rogue Dancer: Land... SCAPE Edition.

NOV 20th - DEC 6th


Featured Filmmakers:

Maia Lotzova + Serena Chalker (CANADA)

Jenny Stulberg (USA)


Maïka Giasson + Philipe Auger (CANADA)

Cherie Carson (USA)

Rich Ferri + Ali Kenner Brodsky (USA)

Roma Flowers (USA)

Clotilde Rullaud (FRANCE)


Simon Alteen (CANADA)

Fani Latrou (GREECE)

Hanna Ojala (FINLAND)

Iona Paslnska (POLAND)

Hannah R.W. Hamalian (USA)

Mary Fitzgerald (USA)

Anamaria Antoci (ROMANIA)

Anna Rose + Robin Bisio (USA)


FilmFest by Rogue Dancer is a DANCE film festival that offers a monthly curated on-line screening exclusively for DANCE Films only. Each month Dance films are elegantly sorted into unexpected themes. We are committed to serving the DANCE community and to ensuring that wonderful DANCE movie projects from across the globe can be seen and appreciated by as wide an audience as possible.

We hope you will be able to share this month’s event!!!


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