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November 5 - December 17, 2020

GLOBAL SPOTLIGHT SERIES: Feldenkrais Method with Natan Gardah

GLOBAL SPOTLIGHT SERIES: Feldenkrais Method with Natan Gardah

The Feldenkrais Method, developed by Moshe Feldenkrais is based on learning patterns of movement with the aim to develop and improve our awareness of the Quality of Moving. The practice of the method helps improve performance as well as avoid and cure injuries. While the Feldenkrais method is designed for all people, it is particularly beneficial for dancers who consciously deal and explore movement daily at a profound level.

About Natan Gardah: Born in Tel Aviv, Israel, Natan Gardah began his pursuit of dance at the age of 10, with a folklore dance group at school. His Professional dance career included Bat-Dor and Batsheva dance companies in Israel, as well as, Peridance Contemporary Dance Company in New York. He has served as Ballet Master for several companies including Batsheva and Kibutz dance company in Israel, Frankfurt Ballet in Germany and more, before shifting his attention to the study of the Feldenkrais method in 1995. Natan is now considered one of the most highly regarded instructors of the Feldenkrais method in Europe.

Every Thursday from November 5th - December 17th via Zoom. Register at

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