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May, 14-30, 2020

Garba-Gong (Online Dance Class)

People in 2 concentric circles. They swing their arms—one back and up, the other across the chest. Preparing to move forward. Asya Gorowitz

Choreographer Parijat Desai leads Garba-Gong, combining elements of qi gong and contemporary dance to center and warm up the body, followed by the swinging steps of garba, circle dance from Gujarat, India.

This offering is the online version of her Dance In The Round workshops, which emphasize collective dance. Garba-Gong puts the focus on individual well-being, helping you loosen up and activate your qi. We will
—mobilize the joints
—increase heat/circulation
—do basic breathwork
—learn movements in the garba style

Class is aimed towards adults of varying abilities, but kids of 10 and up can follow. Several parts of class can be done from a seated position. Bring friends and fam!
Thursdays, 12:00p ET | 9:00a PT
Saturdays, 1:00p ET | 10:00a PT

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