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August, 14-28, 2019

HEIDCO Hosts | FrameWork

FrameWork August 2019 Info & Lineup photo credit, jordan geiger

HEIDCO hosts | FrameWork is a series dedicated to developing the teaching skills of interested artists/leaders/facilitators from dance and varying backgrounds, all interested in movement. It is a space for an artist to experiment with new ideas in a workshop-collective environment, and/or space can be utilized to develop teaching skills in a low-stakes environment. It is geared toward artists at all levels, teachers at all levels, and dancers at all levels. It is also a resource not under an infrastructure, thus there are no expectations for a specific kind of contemporary dance class. It is a platform for people without the resources or built-in class network to show up and not have to worry about space or cultivating a network, because community is already there - something we are really looking to build.  Bottomline - you have an idea, you want to teach, you are an artist, you are a student, you are into new communities. then you are invited.

Class is $8 suggested donation

Held at Arts on Site, 12 St. Marks Place 


August 14, 21, 28 and beyond




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