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November, 13-14, 2019


HOMEless, view of a person's legs and bare feet while standing on a fire escape in the rain Rodd Denson/Stubborn MVMT

HOMEless, created by new dance company stubbornMVMT and Artistic Director Rodd Denson, is an intimate experience navigating queer black and brown identity. It is where anxiety and depression meet strength and sacrifice; how identity is adequate to survival and presence is power, yet existence is complete chaos. HOMEless speaks directly to loneliness and uncertainty in spaces that are deemed a safe haven. It is an exploration and open dialogue between feelings of abandonment and depression and the self. HOMEless has been created in collaboration with DeVante Lewis and Jacob “Seven Feet” Melvin. 


Tickets start at $10 for students and seniors and $15 for general admission. Tickets available at the door (cash only) starting at $15 for students and seniors and $20 for general admission. Tickets can be purchased at Speyer Hall is located at 184 Eldridge St, (2nd Floor), New York, NY 10002.


About Rodd Denson:

Richard S. Denson or Rodd is a performance-based artist. Rodd began their dance training at The Greater Hartford Academy of the Arts (Academy) under the direction of Linda Burns. While at the Academy, Rodd was encouraged by Jolet Creary to continue their studies across multiple genres including West African, Hip-Hop, and Contemporary. Rodd has trained at Artists Collective Inc., University of Hartford’s Community Division, Studio860 Inc., Mark Morris Dance Group Center, Coppin State University and Earl Mosley’s Institute of the Arts, and more. Rodd has furthered their artistic and educational studies graduating with a BS in Dance from Long Island University, Brooklyn under the direction of Dana Hash-Campbell. As an undergrad, Rodd was selected as a dancer for Kwame Opare’s MFA Thesis, Triumph of Disruption: A Movement to Subvert. Rodd’s choreography was also selected for the informal showing at the American College Dance Association in 2014.

Rodd has worked and performed repertoire by Ferdinand DeJesus, Kwame “Shaka” Opare, Diedre Dawkins-Opare, Clyde Evans Jr., and Nathaniel Hunt among many others. Rodd has performed professionally with EQuilibrium Dance Theatre, Sankofa Kuumba, Maimouna Keita, Bloodline Dance Theatre, and HeartBreak Crew just to name a few.  Rodd has also choreographed and performed with recording artists Natti Natasha and Brittney Crush.

About stubbornMVMT:


Founded by Richard “Rodd” Denson in 2017, stubbornMVMT is a performance-based company that uses dance, theatre, and visual arts to shatter boundaries of the status quo. We create intentional chaos - providing a platform for free and radical voices to be heard. It is not our interest in providing an answer but rather a platform for discussion. Yes, we are stubborn and it’s ok! 


You can find out more on our website:


FB: @stubbornMVMT

IG: @stubbornMVMT

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