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April, 17-27, 2019

JACK& with The Cotillion

A person of color in a suit lying on the ground of a stage. On the black stage is a circle with earth tones in patterns. Christopher Myers

JACK & is a performance that considers the metric-less damages of being in prison; not the time one has served but the measure of one’s dreaming that is given to the state. The performance explores markers of transition and transformation, and draws on aspirational class stories like those in The Honeymooners and Amos & Andy ; the paintings of Agnes Martin, Ellen Gallagher and Ruth Azawa; tigers in Harlem; John Canoe traditions, and the mirroring and mimicry found in African American dance pageantry of the late 19th Century. The main character “Jack” whirls through a dance – part dream, part ritual – re-entering his own internal life.

Framing the theatrical show is Schaal’s new pre and post show companion installation The Cotillion. When arriving to Live Arts lobby, audience members enter a video installation designed by Christopher Myers. Quilting the walls with murals of imagery that provide a glimpse into the technique with which JACK & and its lexicons were developed, the installation features storytelling, dream sequences and portraits, and live vocal performances. The installation continues after the performance with a post-show invitation for the audience to join on stage for a cake reception.

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