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Friday, January 11, 2019

LEIMAY LUDUS Master Class // Pilates Instructor Mariana Taragano

Mariana Taragano Pilates

Pilates for Knee Injuries with Mariana Taragano

In this LUDUS Master Class, participants will focus on the prevention of knee injuries in dancers, performers, and athletes. They will also find ways to work intelligently around existing injuries when their professional lives do not allow for the ideal break for recovery and so that our recoveries are as speedy as possible.

The class will consist of a mat Pilates warm-up class in which we will focus on the lower extremities of the body. We will continue to a lecture-type presentation in which we will discuss some basic anatomy, the causes of common knee injuries, and how we can avoid them. Specific exercises will be suggested for both prevention of injuries and strengthening of existing conditions. We will learn how to look at our bodies as a whole and how general posture, as well as, the use of the hips, the ankles, and the feet can have a dramatic effect on the health of our knees, increase our efficiency in movement, and improve our performative skills.

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