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Sunday, August 23, 2020 - Sunday, January 17, 2021

LK Wellness presents Movement Workshop facilitated by Kriyol Dance! Collective

Movement Workshop with Kriyol Dance! Collective in partnership with LK Wellness

EVERY OTHER SUNDAY, starting August 23, KDC will offer SYNERGY in partnership with Love & Kindness Wellness Services. The course will take place via Zoom. Come as you are... Leave invigorated!

Tickets: $20 | RSVP HERE

Course Description:
Synergy aims to provide participants with the opportunity to self-care in the presence of community. In this workshop we explore our embodied knowledge by using dance movement, traditional Haitian drumming, controlled breathing, concentration, and whole body movement. As we embrace our full selves through our emotions and movements, we will encourage consistent practice and growth in a workout that centers holistic health and thoroughly acknowledges that there is healing in movement.

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A dark-skinned dancer moves freely in a dance studio


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Three dancers moving freely in a dance studio

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