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Friday, April 26, 2019

Last Audience by Yanira Castro / a canary torsi

A large group of people in a barn with light trickling in as the participants cast their arms up in the air. Kean O’Brien

Last Audience is a piece made with the audience. It grapples with questions of agency, manipulation and the complexity of choice inside a theatrical context. It utilizes, twists, and re-forms language from requiem masses on Last Judgement and from the Greek Tragedies of Aeschylus on democratic formation. Enacted specifically and uniquely with and by each audience, Castro sees Last Audience as a live laboratory for the communal work of conjuring.

At the request of the artist, the April 26th studio showing of Last Audience will be filmed and photographed. Due to the participatory nature of Last Audience, we will not be offering alternative seating to those who do not wish to be recorded. By purchasing tickets and entering the space, you consent to being filmed. Documentation will be used at the discretion of the artist.

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An ad that features a photo from the dance piece


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An ad that features a photo from the dance piece