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March, 22-29, 2020

Moving for Life Dance Exercise Class For Older Adults @ Marymount

Moving For Life Instructor teaching a dance class

This class is for adults 50+!

While in-person classes are on hold, we will be holding online classes via Zoom. Please register and we will send the link on Friday before.  

Class can be done seated or standing, to get students motivated and moving aerobically and strengthening through dance moves, followed by a cool down/stretch.

Start a healthy habit that nourishes mind, body and spirit! 

Exercise increases energy levels, boosts immunity, helps with weight management and eases symptoms of many chronic illnesses. Don't be shy if you haven't been moving for a while or have an injury (we can modify). This gentle dance aerobics class designed by Movement Therapist Dr. Martha Eddy PhD is a safe, non-intimidating environment with great music and exercise can be done at your own pace standing or seated.

You are encouraged to do what is comfortable and modify based on your energy level, range of motion, or fitness level. We start where you are at, so don't worry if you haven't been moving. 

First-class is free. 

Email info@movingforlife with any questions


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