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February 22 - April 19, 2021

My Body, My Country: Composition in 2D and 3D

Anabella Lenzu Todd Carroll

My Body, My Country: Composition in 2D and 3D

FEB 22 - APR 19
Mondays  6:30-9:00 PM (EST) 8 sessions
Faculty: Anabella Lenzu, Artistic director, choreographer, performer, Anabella Lenzu/DanceDrama

This course challenges the creator and the viewer to think about how they view bodies in space and time, creating artworks that examine and explore their own body/presence in life and art-making. We will also explore issues of identity, social relationships and agency, through the shared creative process. How does our body become our homeland? What does it mean to be a human? How do our bodies become a receptacle and messenger of the multiple realities we are immersed in? We will start with the major performance traditions in dance and theater as well as visual art composition in painting and photography. Our work will be developed using the Body Mapping technique, where the participants use texts, drawings and movement to share the story of their bodies and experience. Participants create 2D (drawing, photography, video, collage and mixed media), and later 3D compositions (site-specific, installations, dance, theater and performance art). 

NOTE: This course is fully online and offered through a combination of synchronous as well as asynchronous lectures and discussions. Students are invited to attend regularly scheduled online sessions during the listed course hours.

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