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October, 3-21, 2018


Olga Pericet "Enfoque" Paco Villalta

International Flamenco sensation, Olga Pericet, will once again grace the stage at Repertorio Español with the World Premiere of “ENFOQUE”. This production is the culmination of a year-long research project in honor of the flamenco legend Carmen Amaya. “Enfoque” is a celebratory tribute honoring Amaya’s vast scope and passion while simultaneously showcasing Olga Pericet’s own unique and powerful technique.

Olga Pericet has dazzled audiences worldwide–in Spain, London, China, and Australia among others–with her incomparable talent. She returns to take Repertorio Español’s stage and offer audiences an unforgettable experience.

Olga Pericet will include interludes of song and instrumental guitar solos featuring guitarist Antonia Jiménez, and singers Inma “La Carbonera” and Miguel Lavi.

“Ms. Pericet, a brash flamenco dancer who can take on many personas in a single performance...” —The New York Times

“Olga Pericet in a powerhouse performance...” —The New York Times

“Expect to be surprised; besides being a fiery and technically accomplished performer, Pericet is a mercurial presence and a fearless experimenter.” —The New Yorker

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Infinity Dance Theater and Alison Cook Beatty Dance are presenting


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Infinity Dance Theater and Alison Cook Beatty Dance are presenting