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November 17 - December 8, 2020

Partnering and Floor Work Workshop in Brooklyn


I’m excited to share with you partnering and floor work skills at my workshop in Brooklyn!

! in-person 5 class workshop
! 5 people cap
! 2 hours each class once a week
! Tuesdays 1-3pm (ET)
! Starting November 17
! DM me to register and price/location/questions (

This is a 5 week long advanced contemporary class focused on progressing the dancer in floorwork and partnering. Classes will involve complex sequences moving in and out of the floor as well as partnering tools and exercises discussing how to deal with ones own body weight and the weight of another to find out where our limits lie as well as to push those limits further.

We’ll follow COVID safety measures, wearing masks is mandatory.

Looking forward to see you!

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