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March 4 - April 29, 2021

Peridance Online: Classic Hip Hop with Rokafella

Peridance Online: Classic Hip Hop with Rokafella

NYC born and raised La Roka, also known internationally as BGIRL ROKAFELLA for her Break dance mastery, performed as a teen in school productions and open mics. She began to perform at theatrical venues with Full Circle Prod and found her voice after successfully providing interludes for the dance pieces in their evening line up. La Roka is well rooted in Hip-hop and Afro Latin rhythms growing up in a time where so many genres are fused. She composed a Gospel version of Jimmy Castor's Just Begun adding to how she offers an empowering message in her music. Roka usually does a break dance freestyle if her audience requests, time permitting, so she reminds the world how Hip-hop still lives.

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